Who are we and what do we stand for?

At BEC, we believe that industrial automation can be taken to new heights and that ‘s why we‘ve set out on a mission to do it better. Our journey has began with a simple yet powerful standpoint: to redefine automation for businesses.
The business moto we handle is success.


With every project the safety of personnel should be priority.
-Programming is simulated and documented extensively
-Safety programming will be made according to IEC61511 or IEC61508
-An LMRA with every work is made on the work floor



Keeping the equipment in a good operation status is very important to you your installation for keeping your OEE high.
-All the environmental conditions are checked and documented.
-The OEE requirements of the equipment supplied is checked and complies to the application requirements.
-Maintenance sheets are provided.
-Life cycle is given for all equipment.


Continous improvement

To keep up with competition continuous improvements are critical.
-Standard documents are set up and revisioned in periodic timeframe
-Ask feedback, log it and take action
-Follow up



As a pillar of our success, communication is a vital part of everything we do at BEC.
-Clear requirement and expectations documented
-Regular updates
-Total document with all information



BEC is committed to creating a sustainable future for businesses while minimizing our ecological footprint.
-Design automation systems that prioritize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability
-Long lifespan of the instalation
-Documentation all electronically



This is the backbone of our commitment to our clients success -Our support team is always ready to address your queries and offer timely solutions. -We keep all your project files so you can always count on our support even after 10 years.



Security is paramount in industrial automation -A secure environment is checked or made for each application -Secure login will be forseen with ease of use

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